Designing Rooms For Quality Family Time

Between school, sports, work, tutoring, scouts, studying, eating and sleeping, finding family time can seem near impossible; but, there are some things you can do to make family time a little easier to come by and we at Drees Homes can help.

Game Rooms

With so many video games now being geared towards keeping people active and together, why not build a game room around that technology? Built-in cabinets specially designed to hold TV screens, game consoles, chargers and speakers make these rooms fun and easy for kids to keep clean.

Outdoor Rooms

These rooms are great places to host parties or to gather as a family. Outdoor kitchens and separate spaces for technology mean you can cook, watch the news, answer work emails and still monitor your kids. You can also all eat together without having to get everyone changed out of swimsuits.


Water-proof tablets can be specially fitted into the walls of your custom kitchen for TV watching or internet browsing. Double kitchen islands are also popular; one can be for food prep while the other is for homework.

If you have questions about building a custom home with Drees Homes contact a new homes specialist today.

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