Jackson’s Grant Coming Soon to Carmel

You’ll soon have the once in a lifetime opportunity to build a unique Drees home at Jackson’s Grant. The property was a personal land grant in 1834, gifted by Andrew Jackson. The sprawling 280 acres has been passed from heir to heir and kept in its original condition. Fast forward to present day, and here’s where you come in! Jackson’s Grant will offer 7 distinct neighborhoods and all homes will be designed exclusively for the community.

With the visionary infrastructure and conversation of natural resources, the community will seamlessly blend with the patterns of nature.  The land will showcase 13 contiguous forested acres and a mile of scenic natural streams. Common areas will be added for character, and residents will have pedestrian-friendly tree-lined streets, sidewalks and nature trails for recreation as well. The Hobby Horse barn is getting redeveloped as an adult activity center, and a future clubhouse and pool will be available to all residents.

Drees will be building in the Creekside neighborhood, which offers desirably located, stunning lots. Visit Creekside at Jackson’s Grant on dreeshomes.com to learn more about the community and sign up for our VIP list.


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