Top 5 Kitchen Features for Efficiency

The modern kitchen is rapidly becoming the new family-room. The rise of wireless technology has helped this trend along as now people are not tied to their computer but can access the internet or other media while sitting at the kitchen table.

As the kitchen becomes the hub of the home, it has to serve your family’s needs beyond providing a fridge and cooking surface. One of the many benefits to custom-building your home with Drees Homes is that you can specify these needs and have your kitchen designed to meet them.  Here are just a few ways the kitchens of 2014 are becoming customized to make modern family life more efficient:

  • Power: With more people using specialized small cooking appliances, computers, and chargers for handheld devices, the need for power outlets has grown.   When designing your kitchen, be sure there are enough!
  • Islands: More time in the kitchen demands more work-space and islands provide it.  They can also provide increased storage for kitchenware or appliances, or you can use them as a great space for an additional sink or stove.
  • Neutral Colors: Grays are very popular as it is a versatile color ranging from mineral grays to more metallic grays. The cooler grays contrast well with bright, black, or white appliances.
  • Lighting: Newer LED lighting is not only more energy efficient but doesn’t get as hot .  They are not only used in regular kitchen lights, but sometimes homeowners are choosing to install them along the underside of cabinets to illuminate the countertops for safer and easier cooking.
  • Strong Countertops: Durable quartz is an increasingly popular material as it is easier to clean and is strong enough to withstand damage for a very long time.

For more information about building a custom home with efficient kitchen features to make your family’s daily life easy and comfortable, contact us here at Drees Homes.

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