Life is Hectic! Drees Functional Floor Plans Make Things Easier


Between work, sports practice, homework and other responsibilities, families are extremely busy and have a lot to keep track of. Why not make the daily tasks a little easier? Drees Homes offers functional floor plans throughout Northeast Ohio with convenient features to help you and your family stay organized.

The family foyer offers a place to store all the “stuff” your family needs, like coats, backpacks and shoes. Kids can put things away as soon as they come in, and you’ll find useful hooks and a storage bench to keep organized. Often, you’ll find a drop zone incorporated into the family foyer as well.

PattersonZ@CG_DropZone_2XA drop zone is the perfect place to put important belongings, place reminders or charge your electronics. Take a look at our Patterson model which demonstrates how this space can be used. A handy chalkboard reminds kids to do their homework and lets them know the time for dinner. Two outlets provide ample space to charge phones, tablets or portable games; drop these off on your way in from the garage.

A third convenient feature which can be added is the pocket office. This is a space typically located off the kitchen with a built-in countertop desk.Belleville@WCC_PCKTOFF_HR A pocket office can be used for various things, like organizing bills or the kids’ homework, surfing the web, or storing coupons. It’s a great alternative to a study for those families that don’t need the larger, formal space. Take a look at this great example from a model home in Indianapolis.

If you’re interested in building a new home or learning more about these features which can be added in several Cleveland floor plans, please visit Drees Homes or call
(866) 257-9321.


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