Tile Designs Make Your Kitchen POP

Lately, your designers at Drees Homes have been busy getting creative with kitchen backsplashes. While kitchen backsplashes do serve a practical purpose of making for easy cleanup with your pasta over-boils or your sauce gets a little too “saucy”, they also add a great deal to the aesthetics of your kitchen. There are so many options when it comes to customizing your backsplash, it can be overwhelming to find just the right one for you. Customers today are asking for interesting shapes, materials, patterns and surprisingly an old classic with a twist!

#1 – Subway Tiles! These have been around for decades and never seem to go out of style. While most people think of the classic ceramic subway tiles, they also come in marble, tumbled stone and glass. You can keep it classic like the Antonio model in Dallas, or add your own spin by laying them vertical, at a 45 degree angle, or in a herringbone pattern, like in The Abriel, & The Britton in Cincinnati. Add a pop to it by adding fun colorful glass and stone mosaics to create a backsplash that looks like art.

#2 – Mixed Material Mosaics

Mosaic tiles brings a lot of “wow” in one package. They combine materials like glass, marble, granite, & tumbled stone. They variety of shapes that they came in make it easy to combine with other materials, or let them be the star of the show solo!

#4 – Metals & Metallics

The rise of “urban chic” made us see metals in a whole new way! Instead of cold and hard, backsplashes with metal materials become the jewelry of the kitchen! Bringing in a little “bling” creates an exciting focal point. But how do you choose between gold and silver? Mix them! Mixing metals brings a sophisticated designer edge to your space.

While there are many other tiles out there, I hope this helps you narrow down your search in finding the perfect “WOW” moment for your kitchen I would love to hear which trending backplash is your favorite! Not sure which one is right for you? Write in the comments below your backsplash design dilemma and I can point you in the right direction!

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