5 Hot Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Anyone who has spent years saving up and working hard to finally earn a chance at owning a home would be wise to know it’s not quite like going to the store to buy a new refrigerator. Owning a home and getting a loan is serious business, and if you don’t make all the right moves you could end up regretting your decision before you know it. You also may be in a position to build your home, even if you feel like a custom home is out of reach for you. Read about our happy customers: the Rosen family.The Rosen’s were able to build their dream home with Drees Homes even though at first they thought a custom home was far out of their reach.

It’s a difficult road to navigate, but with the right advice any first time home buyer can make it through in the end. What do you need to do? Well, to start you off here’s a few useful pointers that will help you make the best decision when it comes to buying and owning a home:

  • Finances: See that your finances are in order and make an honest determination if you can afford a home or not
  • Patience: Don’t rush into any decision, you want to make sure you do the right thing and get the perfect home
  • Stick to your wish list: Write down a list of what you want in your home, then don’t settle for anything less; it’s your home, so you want it to fit your needs and comforts exactly
  • Ownership courses: Counselors in the city offer useful classes on the difficulties of home ownership and will help you understand how to deal with them
  • Price shopping: Compare prices to make sure you’re getting a fair price on your home in relation to factors like the home’s size, neighborhood, etc.

No matter the type of home you’re looking for, Drees Homes has something that’s just right for you and your family. We’re one of the most sought-after new home builders in the country, and our homes are just what first time owners are looking for, so give us a call right away! Visit us online or in person at one of our model homes to learn more today!


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