Easy Ways To Get Know Your New Neighbors

Ask any one of our happy homeowners some of the best things about building with Drees, and they will tell you that our communities play a big factor in how happy they are with their decision. People love their Drees home, but also love the new friends and sense of community that goes along with it.

Building strong relationships in your community will only improve your lifestyle. Just interacting with the people you live near can significantly strengthen your community and spur organization. The secret to a great community is really just getting involved and making an effort to be friends with your neighbors. Sometimes that is easier said than done, getting to know your neighbors can be tough. The following are just a few ways that you can connect with your neighbors and help to carve out your place in your fantastic Drees Homes community:


House Crawl– What better way to not only get to know your neighbors, but for your neighbors to get to know each other than by organizing a house crawl? Select which house to start with, have all the neighbors meet up and enjoy food and drinks at every participating house throughout the night.

Take a stroll– You’ll find many of your neighbors biking or walking around the neighborhood for exercise. What better way to bump into them than by strolling the streets?

Porch time– Having a nice outdoor living area is great, but you’re not going to meet anyone in the back yard. Create an inviting porch area, where you can greet passing neighbors.

If you would like more information about purchasing a new Drees home in one of our well appointed communities, then be sure to visit us at www.dreeshomes.com

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